Flurry is a service for collecting usage data about your iOS apps. It is a pretty sweet service for getting some insight into how much and where your apps are used, a bit like Google Analytics but for iOS apps. It is very easy to get it to work with a RubyMotion project but can be bit confusing if you haven’t added Obj-C libraries to your projects before.

It looks to be a quite a few services like Flurry. I started to use it because it was one of the top google results when I searched for iOS app analytics and it turned out to be really easy to add. It is also free and I get the stats I was looking for.

The process

First signup for Flurry and add a new “iPhone application”. This will result in a application key and a link for downloading their SDK. Save the application key and download the Flurry SDK.

Copy the Flurry folder from the downloaded Flurry iPhone SDK vx.x.x folder (it contains two files Flurry.h and libFlurry.a) to the vendor folder in your RubyMotion project. If you don’t have a folder named vendor in your project create it first.

Then open up your projects Rakefile and add the following within the setup block:

app.vendor_project('vendor/Flurry', :static)

Next edit your app_delegate.rb and add a call to Flurry.startSession in the #application method with your application key as argument. It should look something like this:

def application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:launchOptions)


  Flurry.startSession "YOUR-APPLICATION-KEY"

.. and it is done!

It usually takes a couple of hours for the stats on Flurry to update.