I got a bit excited when I read about the Ruby 2.0.0 ‘Feature Freeze’ and wanted to give ruby 2.0 a test.

This is what I did to get it installed on Mac OS X 10.8.2 with RVM (and Homebrew).

$ brew install autoconf
$ brew install automake
$ brew install libyaml

$ rvm install ruby-head

To use it you just have to tell RVM to use it:

$ rvm use ruby-head
$ ruby --version
ruby 2.0.0dev (2012-10-12 trunk 37163) [x86_64-darwin12.2.0]

When it is installed you can for example test out named arguments:

# named_arguments.rb
def hello(name: 'world')
  puts "hello #{name}"

hello name: 'boss'

$ ruby named_arguments.rb
hello boss

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