As a web developer you learn pretty fast how to describe a color using HEX or RGB values, for example #ff0000 or 255, 0, 0 is the code for red. However getting the color tone right can be a bit tricky without using a visual color picker.

My process for finding the right color has usually been to google something like “html color picker” or opening up a image editor. Related to this also the communciation problems when you are helping someone tweak a design from remote and they describe a color like “blue, the same shade as my guitar”.

I decided to try and make something that would make this color stuff easier. Last week I put in a couple of hours and created yet another web based color picker. It is available at You can easily copy color codes or share colors using anchor links like this: It is very basic but does the job for me and hopefully someone else.

Let me know what you think about it or how it could be improved. uses an iOS compatible version of farbtastic and ZeroClipboard.