If you have started any ambitious web site projects the last year a topic that might have surfaced is ”performance budgets”.

The term means that you decide which performance metrics matter for a web site and set limits for each metric. It can be metrics like response time, PageSpeed score or the total file size of JavaScript and CSS files. This gives you a ”budget” for each metric. Every time something new is added to the web site you have to make sure it doesn’t break the performance budget.

By setting up a performance budget and continuously monitor that you stay within budget you ensure a project where high performance is a key consideration.

What to read/watch/listen to on the topic

I have researched performance budgets a bit recently and I thought I should share the resources I have found interesting on the topic. Hopefully these will give you a good idea of what a performance budget is, how to implement one and why they matter.

1. Start out with these

2. On working with performance budgets

3. Technical side of things and tools

Let me know if you have any link suggestions on the topic.