To keep focus when I start new projects, I early on setup a few milestones. Sorted, so the first one is the first to strive for, the second the next aim, etc. Until a milestone has been reached, that milestone is the main focus to accomplish.

For example, one first days when I started to build Let’s Do, I wrote down 3 milestones: 1) 5 beta users 2) 5 active teams 3) 5 paying customers. At the time, they felt far away, the product was just an idea and I was just getting started writing the code that would make the idea come to life.

These are very simple milestones, but they have been working great for me as motivation and helping keep focus. I keep them on a page in Notion that I am on regularly to be reminded.

It is a great feeling when you finally tick one off, and realize that you made it.

For me it has been key to keep the milestones tangible and business-oriented. More practical like ”finish MVP” or ”submit for review” doesn’t have the same bang to me, and I think that type is too practical and reaching them is more like completing a task than reaching a goal. When there are effects like money in the bank, accountability or customer data in the DB, it gets real in another way. And that gets you focused.