Last week I did two small commits on a project called mongo_session_store. It’s a Rails session store that uses mongo_mapper, mongoid or the mongo ruby driver to store session data in a mongodb database. It was started out by compressed about two years ago and has had a lot of forks, many looks unmaintained. Brian Hempel has a fork that works good with Rails 3.x and that he is actively maintaining. Brian has also released it as gem called mongo_session_store-rails3, that we’re currently using for the swedish UNICEF site.

My commits

582154476b28f2b0e59c17e6649cfb8078dec13f - There was an error in a example in the readme on how you set the config.session_store setting. When setting sessions store your can’t assign the store with a =.

66baa116fe3be42f89a234ac2436c02ff717b9b4 - I also replaced a few rescue LoadError with autoload. It makes the code a bit cleaner and don’t make you require files that you won’t be using.